Monday, March 30, 2009

opinions, anyone?

I stumbled upon a post which should be interesting to Jewish Scrapbookers - an Israeli scrapbooker looking to start a new Jewish/Israel themed scrapbooking line…who is looking for input as to what to include! Share your thoughts by commenting here:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jewish Scrapbooking in the Digital Age

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Saturday, 28 March 2009 is pleased-as-punch to be able to introduce you this month to two fabulous digital designers who offer beautiful Jewish kits, papers and embellishments for digital or 'hybrid' scrapbooking and cardmaking. Since many of our members have never tried digital scrapbooking (and it's pretty intimidating until you get started - believe me, I know!), we'll be offering tips and tricks throughout the month for incorporating digital designs into the projects you already love to create. Once you see the beautiful variety of images available for the Jewish scrapbooker, you'll want to try using them - and we'll be here when you need us!

First up for introductions, designer BARBARA SPECK!

It feels a *little* odd to be welcoming Barb Speck to, since she's been a member here for quite some while and has shared some of her designs AND some of her own projects...but now she's on board as one of our sponsors for this month's Jewish DIGITAL scrapbooking emphasis. And, she is arguably the most prolific producer of Judaic designs for digital crafting out there.

Digital scrapbookers on this site are pretty outnumbered by 'traditional' scrapbookers, who adhere our embellishments with glue dots and cut papers and photos literally instead of using a computer program Smiley. But there's no saying you have to be a 'digital scrapbooker' only, or a 'traditional' scrapbooker only. Once you take a digital image - think of clip art, if you're more familiar with that - and print it out and use it as an embellishment on a card or a've made a 'hybrid' project! Barb knows all about hybrid - tucked into her shop you'll find she's created digital templates to use with Cosmo Cricket's shaped albums! (Click READ MORE below to see more!)

In paper-and-scissors world, it can take a long time in between one Judaic themed paper or embellishment release and the next...but Barb has put out several new Judaic releases just in the past year (in addition to all her other new kits!) It was the my (constant) search for new Jewish stuff for scrapbooking that first led me to try out digital scrapbooking, and I've been enjoying the flexibility of moving back and forth with traditional, digital and hybrid projects ever since.

Check out Barb's beautiful Judaic designs in her shop at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking.

Here is a direct link to Barb's latest Judaic release, celebrating Jewish weddings "I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine".

Barb's 2008 Hanukkah release, "A Hanukkah Happening," can be found here:

Card Kit:
Combo Pack:

And here are some of my favorites, Barb's Designer Resources Judaic Glass Charms!

And here's a collection of Judaic brushes, shapes and .pngs, as well as some tiny dottie shapes:
Shapes collection:
Tiny Dotty Judaic Doodles:

And for embellishing, try Judaic word circles, offered in foil or template formats:

Admit's NICE to be overwhelmed by the amount of JEWISH scrapbooking products available?? Check them out and enjoy! Later in the month you'll see what our designers have created using Barb's kits as well.
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